Okay finally started it!

Hmmm…. so I finally started my own blog and im really thrilled about it.Okay so first things first a small introduction …without which strangers can never be friends…( or enemies..or anything else..) im a (full-time working ) Stay at Home Mommy….to two cute little babies…and sweet wife to very very adorable,charming…(list goes on) Hubby.

So the idea of blogging came to me zillion times….but I always wondered what should I write about ….so I kept on thinking.. and …thinking…..and …finally I thought that its not necessary to blog only about GLOBAL WARMING,WORLD POLITICS…etc (there is nothing wrong in that).but  you can also write about anything , be it movies , food  or life in general.

Hmmm I know im  late riser but thats just fine.Catch you guys soon.


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