Watched GUZAARISH (bollywood movie)

So what is the limit for our  fight for survival? Should we really quit on our existence? These are some important questions portrayed  sensitively by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his new movie Guzaarish.Well Guzaarish means a request.

Requests can be of various kinds , but this one was for ones own death.Euthanasia is just a  term for this , but the desperation, suffering,sadness behind it is unimaginable.

The story revolves around a very famous magician (Ethan) who had an accident, and ends up being a  quadriplegic. For fourteen years he has been dependent on others, specially his nurse.

Nurse has her own grieving story.She has to leave her abusive husband and prefers the company of a quadriplegic.She feels proud of her job and Ethan and the fact that she is very important part of Ethan’s life .

Ethan besides his own pain tries to spread the word of hope and love through radio(Radio zindagi) .He solves personal problems of callers for more than 14 years which makes a very inspiring plot for the movie.

Because Ethan was a very successful  magician  he had many fans but amongst them was one fan who was determined to learn magic from him.Initially hesitant Ethan agrees to teach him the secrets of magic apart from knowing the fact that he is the son of his former competition . Surprisingly the accident was also planned by his competitor but Ethan now forgives him.

The film overall being a story of person who wants to end his life brings out a very positive message. It is definitely a must -watch.


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