*Forever a wildflower *

He is my universe. 

There is no other breath sans him I reminiscence,but yesterday when I saw my photographs,Photographs of the time of my whilom life when I wasn’t his, my thoughts dwadled. Me and my thoughts flew to another world another universe altogether. The plutonian sky. It smelled, of wildflowers, I think I left my shadow there , may be. 

You see, I never grew in a farm or a sophisticated garden or a nursery. I grew in the wild, amongst the dark dungeons. 

Sun never rose , there. I remember the rains, with the thunderstorms.

It was gloomy, but my soul was a wildflower. 

It bloomed. 

My soul craved no sunlight. It’s warm even in frigid , stygian night sky.It’s a beauty , misunderstood by prosaic lives.

And now am his.

A part of me bloomed without him, But a whole lot with him.

It’s sunny and warm here. And am still a wildflower. 

It blooms for him, in his light.

For, I don’t miss those dungeons now. 

“They are where they belong, in an ancient history.”



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