To beloved Dried hearts and leaves 


As I stand here, rooted

for the last seventy years,it’s difficult to let them go,

I try my best to hold on,but when they are ready,to fall,

they do,and all I can be,

is be a silent spectator,to the nature’s farewell.

I do gush,

When a beautiful human,Picks them up, 

And makes them,a part of their book.

What a special bookmark, indeed!

He,Who consumes us,Also does loves us.

But then,who said, 

Human’s love,for me and for them is unconditional,

It is just,not in their nature.


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Art work :Christine Krainock 

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Let’s have Coffee

Conversation ❤ 

“Let’s have coffee and talk about your favorite books, your favorite songs and all the memories living in them, let’s talk about unfulfilled wishes and broken dreams.

About the time you ran away from your life and hid in other’s shadows.

About the time you loved someone so deeply that they resided in every corner of your soul.

About the pain you held in your heart for so long that  your life, seems incomplete without it.

Let’s talk about life and why it’s so dark for you, when all you wished was a pinch of sunshine.

Let’s have coffee and stare at silence till it sings a melody; unheard.”

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Am I the one?

“It’s tough to love a man who is so,elusive.

A man covered in calm, serene but hiding a storm within. Speaking words so effervescent, evaporating without touching.

And my heart, is my heart, it knows, of his love, but am I the one I wonder as I tread this path along.

I put all my stakes in the guessing game,while I keep wondering and thinking, am I there yet, am I the one, he wants to confide, not lie or hide, am I the one, he will sing songs for,or write a poem or paint a picture for.


It’s indecipherable,and I keep doing it by being ,cause I want to be seen, stay within his reach,when he wants to be heard, when he wants to be loved.

My heart is my heart and it knows of his love, but am I the one I wonder.

I know it’s arduous.

But that’s what I do, when I do fall in love; cause I know he is the one, and for me that’s enough.


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Into The Crevices of my age 


“My soul breathes a childish hue,

But the veins under this skin

Exhales pale and blue
My heart’s beat

Warms with young heat

But this love turned bitter , Once burned so sweet

The music is still on and I feel the rhythm in these fragile bones

So , shall I dance my heart out

Or shall I be scared

To be fallen and Caged

Into the crevices of my age?”