Let’s have Coffee

Conversation ❤ 

“Let’s have coffee and talk about your favorite books, your favorite songs and all the memories living in them, let’s talk about unfulfilled wishes and broken dreams.

About the time you ran away from your life and hid in other’s shadows.

About the time you loved someone so deeply that they resided in every corner of your soul.

About the pain you held in your heart for so long that  your life, seems incomplete without it.

Let’s talk about life and why it’s so dark for you, when all you wished was a pinch of sunshine.

Let’s have coffee and stare at silence till it sings a melody; unheard.”

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Am I the one?

“It’s tough to love a man who is so,elusive.

A man covered in calm, serene but hiding a storm within. Speaking words so effervescent, evaporating without touching.

And my heart, is my heart, it knows, of his love, but am I the one I wonder as I tread this path along.

I put all my stakes in the guessing game,while I keep wondering and thinking, am I there yet, am I the one, he wants to confide, not lie or hide, am I the one, he will sing songs for,or write a poem or paint a picture for.


It’s indecipherable,and I keep doing it by being ,cause I want to be seen, stay within his reach,when he wants to be heard, when he wants to be loved.

My heart is my heart and it knows of his love, but am I the one I wonder.

I know it’s arduous.

But that’s what I do, when I do fall in love; cause I know he is the one, and for me that’s enough.


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*Forever a wildflower *

He is my universe. 

There is no other breath sans him I reminiscence,but yesterday when I saw my photographs,Photographs of the time of my whilom life when I wasn’t his, my thoughts dwadled. Me and my thoughts flew to another world another universe altogether. The plutonian sky. It smelled, of wildflowers, I think I left my shadow there , may be. 

You see, I never grew in a farm or a sophisticated garden or a nursery. I grew in the wild, amongst the dark dungeons. 

Sun never rose , there. I remember the rains, with the thunderstorms.

It was gloomy, but my soul was a wildflower. 

It bloomed. 

My soul craved no sunlight. It’s warm even in frigid , stygian night sky.It’s a beauty , misunderstood by prosaic lives.

And now am his.

A part of me bloomed without him, But a whole lot with him.

It’s sunny and warm here. And am still a wildflower. 

It blooms for him, in his light.

For, I don’t miss those dungeons now. 

“They are where they belong, in an ancient history.”



I had a very interesting conversation about equality for woman.The argument given to me was that women do not unite within themselves, hence are always dominated by men.I obviously did not agree.For me the problem arises when there is a power struggle.If in a group of men and women, when a woman raises anything against any particular man, the other women are confused whether or not to support that woman, as they also want power which somehow is associated with men.Men have carefully manipulated and crafted an illusionary  world which focuses on their power solely.Unfortuantely this illusionary world has somehow become the real world.In my opinion the bubble needs to burst.In various cases woman has succesfully created their own reality by refusing to be dictated by this so called illusionary world.


Interestingly we all crave for freedom sometimes from the world and sometimes from ourselves.Well the outer world can be our job,responsibilities and the list goes on.But the question is  why do we sometimes crave for freedom from ourselves.The only logical thing that I was able to conclude is that we tend to get stuck in a feeling , which adds misery to our body and mind.We tend to get rid of it without confronting it, cause in a way that seems to add more misery.

The problem arises when we fight for the freedom from the feelings within us without knowing the real path to freedom.Hence the misery.Knowingly unknowingly we hurt ourselves more by the frustrating journey leading to  more entrapment within our own cobwebs of misery and pain.Each one of us , yes each one of us  is fighting a silent battle for  this beautiful place called freedom and more we all fight , the more we are torn.

Don’t fight. Confront. Yes with your own self. Freedom is in your own mind.freedom