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I had a very interesting conversation about equality for woman.The argument given to me was that women do not unite within themselves, hence are always dominated by men.I obviously did not agree.For me the problem arises when there is a power struggle.If in a group of men and women, when a woman raises anything against any particular man, the other women are confused whether or not to support that woman, as they also want power which somehow is associated with men.Men have carefully manipulated and crafted an illusionary  world which focuses on their power solely.Unfortuantely this illusionary world has somehow become the real world.In my opinion the bubble needs to burst.In various cases woman has succesfully created their own reality by refusing to be dictated by this so called illusionary world.


Interestingly we all crave for freedom sometimes from the world and sometimes from ourselves.Well the outer world can be our job,responsibilities and the list goes on.But the question is  why do we sometimes crave for freedom from ourselves.The only logical thing that I was able to conclude is that we tend to get stuck in a feeling , which adds misery to our body and mind.We tend to get rid of it without confronting it, cause in a way that seems to add more misery.

The problem arises when we fight for the freedom from the feelings within us without knowing the real path to freedom.Hence the misery.Knowingly unknowingly we hurt ourselves more by the frustrating journey leading to  more entrapment within our own cobwebs of misery and pain.Each one of us , yes each one of us  is fighting a silent battle for  this beautiful place called freedom and more we all fight , the more we are torn.

Don’t fight. Confront. Yes with your own self. Freedom is in your own mind.freedom


Quote Unquote

I believe am a Winner ..its just that the World needs to catch up!

Speak Your Mind!
Speak Your Mind!

Never be Tired to be Inspired!

Be happy for yourself ..but more importantly for others too…The world is already a selfish place…Make it better!

Afraid of the Dark…Light a candle!

Perspective:Life is Easy but not that easy..Life is Tough but not that tough!

Watched GUZAARISH (bollywood movie)

So what is the limit for our  fight for survival? Should we really quit on our existence? These are some important questions portrayed  sensitively by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in his new movie Guzaarish.Well Guzaarish means a request.

Requests can be of various kinds , but this one was for ones own death.Euthanasia is just a  term for this , but the desperation, suffering,sadness behind it is unimaginable.

The story revolves around a very famous magician (Ethan) who had an accident, and ends up being a  quadriplegic. For fourteen years he has been dependent on others, specially his nurse.

Nurse has her own grieving story.She has to leave her abusive husband and prefers the company of a quadriplegic.She feels proud of her job and Ethan and the fact that she is very important part of Ethan’s life .

Ethan besides his own pain tries to spread the word of hope and love through radio(Radio zindagi) .He solves personal problems of callers for more than 14 years which makes a very inspiring plot for the movie.

Because Ethan was a very successful  magician  he had many fans but amongst them was one fan who was determined to learn magic from him.Initially hesitant Ethan agrees to teach him the secrets of magic apart from knowing the fact that he is the son of his former competition . Surprisingly the accident was also planned by his competitor but Ethan now forgives him.

The film overall being a story of person who wants to end his life brings out a very positive message. It is definitely a must -watch.

Okay finally started it!

Hmmm…. so I finally started my own blog and im really thrilled about it.Okay so first things first a small introduction …without which strangers can never be friends…( or enemies..or anything else..) im a (full-time working ) Stay at Home Mommy….to two cute little babies…and sweet wife to very very adorable,charming…(list goes on) Hubby.

So the idea of blogging came to me zillion times….but I always wondered what should I write about ….so I kept on thinking.. and …thinking…..and …finally I thought that its not necessary to blog only about GLOBAL WARMING,WORLD POLITICS…etc (there is nothing wrong in that).but  you can also write about anything , be it movies , food  or life in general.

Hmmm I know im  late riser but thats just fine.Catch you guys soon.