Am I the one?

“It’s tough to love a man who is so,elusive.

A man covered in calm, serene but hiding a storm within. Speaking words so effervescent, evaporating without touching.

And my heart, is my heart, it knows, of his love, but am I the one I wonder as I tread this path along.

I put all my stakes in the guessing game,while I keep wondering and thinking, am I there yet, am I the one, he wants to confide, not lie or hide, am I the one, he will sing songs for,or write a poem or paint a picture for.


It’s indecipherable,and I keep doing it by being ,cause I want to be seen, stay within his reach,when he wants to be heard, when he wants to be loved.

My heart is my heart and it knows of his love, but am I the one I wonder.

I know it’s arduous.

But that’s what I do, when I do fall in love; cause I know he is the one, and for me that’s enough.


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