Interestingly we all crave for freedom sometimes from the world and sometimes from ourselves.Well the outer world can be our job,responsibilities and the list goes on.But the question is  why do we sometimes crave for freedom from ourselves.The only logical thing that I was able to conclude is that we tend to get stuck in a feeling , which adds misery to our body and mind.We tend to get rid of it without confronting it, cause in a way that seems to add more misery.

The problem arises when we fight for the freedom from the feelings within us without knowing the real path to freedom.Hence the misery.Knowingly unknowingly we hurt ourselves more by the frustrating journey leading to  more entrapment within our own cobwebs of misery and pain.Each one of us , yes each one of us  is fighting a silent battle for  this beautiful place called freedom and more we all fight , the more we are torn.

Don’t fight. Confront. Yes with your own self. Freedom is in your own mind.freedom



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